Indra Gunawan

word of my mind, word of my heart.


You was not 'You'.
Me was not 'Me'.

I was yelled at you.
You was yelled at me.

Whatever we said, it had always a mistakes.
Whatever we did, it had always made worse.
'cause it's a fight.

I was..
never don't know.
That I was be a person that I ever hated.
Me was not 'Me'.

It's sucks.
It's ashamed.
But it was happen.

What did happen, was happen.
How hard that I tried to turn it back,
It couldn't.

Now I realize,
Water couldn't return to upstream.
Sun couldn't be back to east.
Tears couldn't be back to eyes.
How naive I was, when I want it all back.

Regret is useless.
Even, it's describe how I sorry 'bout a mistakes that I ever made.
But it doesn't work anymore.
It couldn't bring the all things just like before.

What did happen is what happen.
And it will be a history.

Maybe, it's time to move on.
It's the time to grow up.
It's a learn.

Live for today.

Wind always blows to the front.
Water always flows to the down.

The things that must be changed, just let it changed.
The things that could be saved, just keep it not to changed.

Indra Gunawan


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Black Rose

I'm Indra Gunawan
From : Siak Sri Indrapura, Indonesia
Live : Kanazawa, Japan

Now I am school at Kindai, Japan.

I don't believe in luck and I love to made some poetry. :)


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