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Heart Call

I don’t understand,
why it must be you to be the one in my heart?

I have met many people but it must be you eventually.
who are in my heart..

Love its not a coincidence,
Love can connect you with me,
there’s only the heart that knows,
who is the one in my dreams.

You’re the one that I’ve been waiting.
Because the heart is begging.
Cause the heart is calling for born to be your forever.

It's because my heart never confused,
it’s certain that you are the only one.

There are not many reasons,
it just because my heart chooses you.

*thai song translated to English


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Black Rose

I'm Indra Gunawan
From : Siak Sri Indrapura, Indonesia
Live : Kanazawa, Japan

Now I am school at Kindai, Japan.

I don't believe in luck and I love to made some poetry. :)


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