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Princess Varda

people says, you are like a star.
but I said, you are not like anything.
even if there is a thing that is like you,
you are still not like anything.
you are too bright to like something.

I can say..
the stars is the thing that is like you.
you are too beautiful, so they jealous on you.
then they make their self to same like you.
you are is you are, my princess..

my princess,
we have undergone a long journey together.
but seems it still far enough to see where is the end.
I even don't know what is the piece that you want.
but I'll be there, in the place that you know where to find me.
I'll cover you whenever it's, whatever it's.
to help you, anything that I can help.
you don't have hesitate about that.

so please, my princess,
please stop to ask some stupid question to me,
just like that time.

my princess,
your wish, is my command..
I'll do everything that u told to me.
and I will not think about what is your order.
whatever it is, I don't care.

my princess,
I'm glad if someday, I can take you into your destination.
the place that u can rest in entire your life in happiness.
in then place that you will not need anything, anyone, anymore.
I'm glad.. I'm happy too..
even it's mean, I will let you far away from me.

my princess,
In that time, when you in your destination.
I don't want you to think about me.
I can take care of myself.
I just happy when one of my duty was done.

my princess,
after that time..
I'll continue to fighting to save this earth.
as you know, my princess..
there is a much evil in this world,
Earth need help! I'll help then.
just like my dream,
I want to make this earth peacefully.
be a place, where every people can smile,
in every moment of their breath.

my princess,
you know too, that..
Galbatorix still in power.
Luffy still haven't reach his One Piece treasure.
Conan Edogawa still trapped in his child body.
maybe, I just can fight join with Eragon,
saving Alagaesis, even I'm not a rider.
maybe, I just can be a crew and be a pirate,
starting a new journey with Thousand Sunny.
maybe, I just can help Shinichi to break his case,
finding the one who harm him, and help him back to normal,
so he can laugh with Ran, then. :)

or maybe,
I'll fight alone,
be the new hero.. :p

my princess,
the thing that's I want to tell you,
I have many thing that I can to do, later.
when I'm done to help you.

my princess
In that time..
you still free to call me,
I'll be there when u need me, to come into you,
even how far I'm in that time.
I will come over you,
even if I must crossing the ocean,
and even I can't swim :p
I'll do it, with pleasure.

but for now, my princess.
I'll be there.
I'll be with you.
to serving you,
until the day is come,
until the destination reached,
until the world be perfect place for you.
I promise you that,
from my deepest heart.
no lie, no tease..

you are always be my princess,
the one, Princess Varda.

*Part of “piece of my wish, ***** *****"

Indra Gunawan


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