Indra Gunawan

word of my mind, word of my heart.


    Dark! cold! scary!
    The lights dims slowly,
    grow dimmer,
    deeper and deeper..   

    and then black!
    the star is gone!   


    white, blinding,
    wet in the warmth,
    first taste, after all the numb.   

    something laying,
    flying above my face,
    dancing, soft, and winding.   

    I lay in the dessert of dandelion.
    mini-white-galaxies-flowers with million seeds of life.   

    spreads, growing all over of my berth,
    smiling, as if to pick me up present.
    pick up from a long sleep and dreams.   

    I would wake up,
    I would welcome that smiling faces,
    the smiles, that were present all around me,
    smile that looks innocent, without stain.   


Kanazawa, June 20, 2012 : 1.11 AM (Tokyo Time)

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2 Responses to “Dandelion!”

  1. # Blogger Shervo

    One day, a stray dandelion fell on the ground and withered, leaving the ugly black seed.. Small shoots that grow from seeds, until he grew into a wonderful flower..
    A seed grows, even though we do not love it.. A flower falls, even though we love it.. Some weeds can be as beautiful as flowers and some flowers as ugly as weeds.. So let us live our lives, such as dandelions that survive and fly with the wind, learn to understand the meaning of life...  

  2. # Blogger indra_ehm

    kyaa, udah nongol d sini juga dia.. hahahha..  

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